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My name is Abby Marie and I love all aspects of art, architecture, and design. I have been designing, creating, making, and just "doing" for as long as I can remember!

I'm a Pennsylvania native (born and raised in Allentown); and since have lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Gainesville, Florida, Charlottesville, Virginia; Virginia Beach, and now reside in Norfolk, VA.

Back in 2007 I graduated with my 5 year professional Bachelor of Architecture Degree from Temple University in Philadelphia; and then went on to earn my Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from The University of Florida in 2010. I'm a most recent graduate of the University of Virginia with my Masters of Architecture and a Certificate in Historic Preservation.

My design focuses on using a mixture of the past and fusing it with the present. A bit vintage in character, my designs aspire to give the wearer the same feeling that their classic little black dress does-to dress it up no matter what the event, and the sensation that you will feel naked without it.

My jewelry pieces are created using a mixture of natural stone, crystal, sterling silver, glass, vintage, antique, and seed beads; combined with a variety of sterling silver wire and other findings. A small bag accompanies each piece of jewelry rather than a box, which will most likely get thrown away. This bag can be used to store the pieces, or it can be reused instead of tossed; creating less waste!

I also create hand-knit and hand-crocheted purses, bags, scarves, and other crafty hand-felted objects!